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Ready to Engage the Holy Spirit?

engageHolySpirit HOPEbkltClick HERE to download our weekly Scripture reflection guide. If you haven't taken the challenge yet, and would like to be included in future communication relevant to "Engage," please click HERE to sign up for the challenge online. **Note: If you register online you are welcome to come get an Engage notebook with all of the relevant tools included.


We began a journey in the fall of 2015 to THRIVE spiritually, personally, and to help the church and others THRIVE as well.  Beginning September 10, 2017, we embarked on a new journey to ENGAGE! This journey began with the foundation of our faith - God's Word. We accepted a challenge to intentionally engage God's word with purpose and meaning. Now, as we kick off 2018, we will be accepting a challenge to ENGAGE the Holy Spirit! This will involve an informative message series, discovering our spiritual gifts, and becoming more aware of the many ways the Holy Spirit is at work in our lives.

To THRIVE was just the first step in a life-long journey to deepen our relationship with Christ and with others. As we continue along this next journey, we will continue to THRIVE as we ENGAGE in powerful ways. And, we hope that you will join us for this new and exciting journey!

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