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Through Jesus words in the Gospel of John, we are reminded that it is through Him that we THRIVE. Without him, we simply survive. Williamson's Chapel UMC wants to help you thrive in your own life. For almost two years we have walked together on a quest to thrive in our spiritual, personal and physical lives. We have learned how to share our faith stories so that we can help the church thrive through our testimonies. Now we are finding powerful ways to thrive WITH others - those close to us, those we meet locally, and those who are very different than us. This journey has been a powerful one, and it comes to a close this summer as we look ahead to our next two year church-wide initiative. We are grateful for all of you who have participated and we invite you to continue thriving as we gear up for our new kick-off in the Fall of 2017!

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Rev. Monica Humpal

Associate Pastor of Grow Ministries
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