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7 Minute Devotions: Surviving Another School Year

This second series of devotions explores the stresses that come along with starting a new school year (parent & kid stress!). These stressors can be placed into two categories: anxiety and busyness. Watch for some great tools to help families work through anxiety and busyness in a spiritual and healthy way.

Managing the Tension

We are all so busy, which makes it difficult to find time to read the Bible, pray, or even do a short devotion. We know the struggle and we want to help! Our 7-minute devotion series is being created to help those of us who are super busy to still enjoy a short meaningful devotion. It's short - only SEVEN minutes or less (the actual devotion part of the video) - and you can watch or even just listen if you're in the car (it's family friendly so kids can listen/watch too!).

Watch our fourth series of devotions as Rev. Monica Humpal explores Scripture to find ways that Jesus managed tension. With all of the stress, differing opinions, and anxiety floating around these days, this is a timely devotion series that can help everyone find ways to manage this tension like Jesus did. Click each video to watch and enjoy!

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