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Great "At Home" Dates While Quarantined

Spending WAY more quality time together at home than you normally do? Are you having a hard time finding "us" time when you're home with the kids? Do you miss going on dates and getting alone time with your sugar booger? Then we've got you covered!

Click below to access some very cool at home dates you can do RIGHT NOW to keep intimacy in your marriage and enjoy each other even when you can't go out. Enjoy!

Supporting Your Marriage During Crisis

These are strange times we are living in. Many of us (if not MOST of us) have been thrown into new home environments. Suddenly we are with our kids and/or our spouse 24/7. There is no longer "me" time, there is only "our" time. Some of us have lost our jobs so finances have become an additional stress. Some families are wondering if they are going to have enough toilet paper. It's surreal in many ways. And, sadly, no one can say how long we will have to accommodate this new "normal." 

Marriages are being put to the test through all of this. Our marriage ministry wants to support couples as best we can. Below you'll find resources you can check out at your leisure. We will keep this list up to date as we find articles or videos that we think are extra helpful. Remember, we are here to support you. Reach out to Rev. Monica Humpal if you have specific needs or prayer requests.

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