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How Does It Work?

The United Methodist Church has a convenient online tool that can help you identify your spiritual gifts. Just follow these two steps to identify your GPS. SGbkltcvr

  1. Click HERE to take a short assessment to identify your spiritual gifts. (This link will redirect you to a different site.)
    • At the end of the survey you will see your results.
    • Write down your top three gifts to use in step 2.
      For emailed results, scroll to the bottom of the page & enter your name and email.
    • For a copy of the Spiritual Gifts definitions and examples of services associated with specific gifts, click on the Spiritual Gifts booklet (right).
  2. Next, click HERE to take our brief "Gifts, Passions & Skills" assessment.
    This will provide meaningful data for serving in ministry at Williamson's Chapel UMC.

GPS | Gifts, Passions, & Skills

Identifying your spiritual gifts can be a great first step to choosing where to serve in ministry. Discovering and exercising your God-given spiritual gifts allows you to experience maximum fulfillment in your Christian life and ministry.  You might be surprised at your results and find new ways to become engaged!

For More Information

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Volunteer Coordinator
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