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Financial Charts | Click on Chart to Stop Scrolling

The financial charts below provide a quarter-end view of two key comparatives we use to monitor our financial health as we progress through the year.  The pie chart provides a gauge of how giving to the General Fund compares to the giving goal.  This giving goal is established each year based on the Approved Annual Budget which supports the planned program and operational activities of Williamson's Chapel.  The bar chart provides a comparison between current year and prior year giving for the General Fund, Building Fund, and Missions Grant Fund.  This historical comparison helps track progress and growth of the church year to year. 

Special Notes

     Please note, COVID-related restrictions that began in March 2020, and still continue in varying degrees in 2021, have led to changes in giving levels and a need to reconsider comparisons on the financial charts provided.   

     The pie chart included above reflects an annual giving goal based on full-scale spending needs of the church to provide for maintenance, utilities, care, clergy and staff compensation, programming activities, and events.  The giving goal for 2021 has NOT been adjusted for COVID restrictions that existed in the first several months of the year, as full programs and activities are planned as soon as safely possible.

     The bar chart included above has been adjusted for 2021 to show comparatives of current year to both one year prior and two years prior, as a single prior year comparative is not sufficient to assess growth as COVID restrictions are lessened.  The addition of a "Two Years Prior" bar allows giving to be measured against 2019, a full program year without the impact of COVID restrictions.  

Financial Focus

One of the primary goals of the Financial Ministry team at Williamson's Chapel is to provide transparency and access to our financial information. The most reliable snapshots of financial progress we can offer are comparisons to goals and prior year results. For those who want a more in-depth view, we also include periodic highlights of certain aspects of the financial structure of our church. If you would like additional financial information, please contact us as noted below.

Financial Highlights
The Annual Budget

Support for the General Fund should be your first gift to the church, as this fund enables Williamson’s Chapel to exist. Tithes and gifts to the General Fund support the programs, worship events, staff compensation, operating and maintenance needs of the church included in the annual budget. They enable us to offer and improve existing ministries.

What goes into making an annual budget? 

The first step in identifying annual budget needs is for leaders of each ministry area to consider the past, the present, and the future. Looking at the history of what has been offered, considering current costs associated with the ministry, and envisioning how the ministry needs to grow, all help to identify the financial needs of the coming year. This historical and visioning process begins in late summer for ministry leaders. The Financial Ministry Committee begins their review of the requested budget amounts in October of each year, and submits a recommended budget to the Administrative Board for consideration and approval in November.

What exactly is included in the annual budget for Williamson’s Chapel? 

Let’s take a look at each financial category and what it covers:

Staff Compensation and Benefits is normally around 50% of the total annual budget of every church. The same is true for us. This expense budget covers all Clergy, all Staff ministry leaders, the staff who provide administrative support, our nursery workers, and all related benefits, taxes, payroll processing, and workers compensation insurance expenses.

Facilities maintenance is normally around 20% of the total annual budget. This expense budget covers power, water, phone, garbage collection, pest control, and internet services, grounds maintenance, custodial work, security officers at Sunday worship services, maintenance of our elevator, security systems, and all the heating & cooling units, and other general maintenance and repair work across campus. This budget also covers the annual funding of the Capital Improvement & Replacement Fund, which covers expected upcoming replacement of capital assets.

Operating Expenses are normally around 10% of the total annual budget. This expense budget covers fees for banking, credit card, and online giving options, annual independent audit fees, IT hardware, software, security, and other related licenses, and costs to run the office of the church, including the cost of the copier leases, paper and other essential supplies, postage for mailings, and Clergy & Staff travel reimbursement.

Program Ministries is normally around 10% of the total annual budget. This expense budget covers planned program expenses for the year for the following ministry areas:

The Youth Ministries budget includes curriculum and programming costs, a portion of the cost to fund week long mission trips, and a large amount of the cost of youth retreats.

The Children’s Ministries budget includes all aspects of Sunday & Wednesday programming costs, special events such as the Easter event, and the cost for Vacation Bible School each year.

The Adult Ministries budget includes monthly and quarterly devotionals, literature and curriculum supplies, oxygen tank refills, and other supplies for small groups such as the nurturing ministry. The senior adult ministry also has a budget each year to cover a portion of group trips and other supplies.

The Other Grow Ministries budget includes the family (bridge) events, marriage ministry events, and supplies for the young adult ministry.

The Witness Ministries budget includes marketing events and efforts, hospitality costs, and new member orientation costs (Pizza with the Pastor).

The Congregational Care Ministries budget includes costs associated with prayer shawls, the Care Team, bereavement response, divorce and grief share programs, our Stephen Ministry, and the wellness and outdoor ministries.

The Worship Ministries budget includes all aspects of regular and special planned worship services, such as music and video expenses, communion supplies, worship banners, guest musicians, and equipment costs.

The budget that covers ministries across all program areas includes training costs for Laity, stewardship supplies, fellowship supplies, volunteer support and background checks, and costs associated with church-wide initiatives such as THRIVE.

Apportionments are about 8% of the total annual budget. These District and Conference level support payments cover needs beyond our church walls, as determined by the United Methodist Church. Our apportioned, or asked, share of the total annual need is determined based on an average of the last three years of reported expenditures (excluding capital expenditures). Some of the funding is used for administrative support at the Conference level, while other funding is used for international and U.S. missional support.

Interest expense on the Building Loan, for the Sanctuary & Educational Building built in 2004, is currently between 1% to 2% of the total annual budget. The interest expense drops as principal is paid down, so at the initiation of the loan, this expense was a higher percentage of the budget. In the last five years, interest expense on the loan has dropped from $40,000 per year to $18,000 per year.

If you have questions, or would like to know more about the annual budget, please contact the Financial Administrator.

2nd Mile Giving: Gifts to Support Worship & Education Programs Beyond Annual Budget
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Capital Improvements at Williamson's Chapel

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