Sunday Live Worship | 9:30am (modern) & 11am (traditional)

Advent 2022


Join us for worship this Sunday!

What to Expect ...

Expect to be busy. Expect to be loved. Expect to be challenged. Expect to be changed. Expect to worship. Expect to grow. Expect to serve. And expect to do it all with lots of wonderful people.

Expect all Ages. There are ministries for all ages. Depending on your family's needs, check out the various pages dedicated to the different age-level offerings.  We also welcome children in any of our worship services. Our worship services are for all ages! 

Expect Head and Heart. From its very beginning, Methodist Theology required an emotional AND an intellectual investment. When you come to Williamson's Chapel expect to think and feel.

Finally, expect to return. That's what we are expecting! (and hoping!)

Join us for Sunday worship
at 9:30am (modern service)
or at 11am (traditional service)


or via live-stream at

** An open communion table is offered on the first Sunday of each month.